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This Dark Mini Groodle available now is charismatic and whose fluffy coat and soulful eyes will steal your heart the moment you meet him. Captain Cuddles lives up to his name with his love for snuggling and gentle embraces. Whether you're lounging on the couch or enjoying a peaceful evening stroll, he's always ready to be by your side. With a calm demeanor and an intuitive sense of companionship, he's perfect for any family seeking a devoted and affectionate friend. His easygoing nature makes him a great fit for families with children or a loving companion for a single-person household

Dark Mini Groodle available now

  • All of our puppies come with a Genetic Health Guarentee, Vet certificate, transfer papers, toys, Mircochip, First Vaccination and small puppy pack. 

    They all go to their forever homes at 8 weeks of age MINIMUM. 

  • We use a company called Departure Pets to transport any of our puppies interstate. they use Virgin Airbus's to courier their puppies, there is a $300 'shipping' charge that you can use if you wish to opt for a flight, this is a estimate as flights are calculated on size/location. It's rare that a flight will be more than $300 but if so we will be able to invoice the difference, and also whatever the cost is below the $300 will be returned. 

    We are offered a breeder discount for any of our clients, but you are very welcome to skip this step and seek your own quotes.

    Collection is free and your welcome to drive to either of our locations to collect. 

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