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Lets talk Our Oodle's

Puppies are vet checked, wormed, flea/tick treated, first vaccinated
and micro-chipped before going home at week eight.

A puppy pack including Vet folder containing vaccination card, helpful advice, food samples, shampoo sample, collar and leash, toys, a blanket with familiar smells will accompany your pup to help settle him into his new home.

Oodles need a lot of attention to remain emotionally balanced, particulatey cavoodles do not thrive in isolation or when  left alone for long periods of time. please consider your working schedule and whether or not your have the ability to offer fulltime care.

Keep reading down on how to apply for a puppy! 

Types of Coats

Fleece coat is a soft loose curl or shaggy 'look'.  For these coats, because we breed F1 (first generation) or F1B (backcross to the poodle) Both of these crosses can produce a fleece coat, however an F1B is very unlikely to ever shed and can either have a fleece coat, wool coat or a mixture of both.


Wool coat is a tight curly coat, more closely similar the poodle coat and will not shed. You can find this coat on an F1B I recommend this coat for allergy suffers or those allergic to dog fur. this coat is ideal for fun up-dos and will need to be maintained more regularly. 

About Miniature Groodles with fleece coasts - Groodles are a large breed! to breed a large dog down to a small size, it must be crossed back towards a toy or miniature poodle (many times), the fleece coat is a quality given to a groodle from the golden retriever, for this reason, it is almost physically impossible to get a groodle to a miniature size and retain a fleece coat. further more, a groodle that is under 15kilos will likely have little to no golden retriever qualities remaining. Our Miniature groodles will almost always have a wool coat and are scaled up to meet the demand of "small groodles" but if your seraching for a toy size groodle with a fleece coat, then understand this combination is nearly impossible to achieve. Please consider a cavoodle or other small breed oodle and be realistic with your expectations. 

Type of Groodle/Cavoodle

It is our honest opinion that an F1 or F1B are the most premium crosses, due to the hybrid vigour qualities,  First crosses are also more standard in appearance and their adult features are easier to predict. for this reason we only bread these 2 types of Groodles & Cavoodles

The Different Sizes


- Standard: 

25 Kilos or more in weight

60cm or taller at wither 

- Medium: 

20 Kilos to 25 Kilos in weight. 

45cm to 60cm at wither

- Miniature - please read above about small groodle

16 Kilos to 20 Kilos

35cm to 45cm at wither


- Toy

10 Kilos or less

25cm or less at wither

- Miniature

10 kilos to 14 kilos in weight

25cm to 38cm at wither

- Medium 

14 kilos or more in weight

38cm or taller at wither


See below litter registrations 
We follow the current market trend when considering prices, this is non-negotiable. Please see T&C if you have any questions

Our travel package is $300 and includes: 

* Travel to the airport 

* Flight to your largest city 

* Flight purchases with us include a 25% Breeder discount


* Door to Door delivery for people living in Sydney or Brisbane

Need to Arrange Travel ?

Let us arrange it for you

We currently have puppies available, to apply, fill in a registration below. Also stay up to date with our puppies as they grow via instagram !

Our Ethics

We have very strong values surrounding our Oodles, here are just some of them: 


All of our females get to grow up before they have any litters, and they will only ever have up to 5 litters or as little as 1, as long as the female is healthy and happy to do so.


After a female has gone into retirement, she gets desexed and lives out her life with us on the family farm, we do not re-locate our girls as they will always be a part of our family. they have given so much to us so we have an obligation to them as well. 

We do encourage rescue dogs! a designer breed is not for everyone. unfortunately alot of rescue dogs stem from unethical / unmonitored breeding, this is why we get to know about our owners before we sell you a oodle. Our breeding program is one tactic we incorporate to help keep dogs off the streets.

An Oodles of Groodles puppy will always have a home with us, we get our new owners to sign contracts which include amendments to return the puppy to us if he or she cannot live with them any more.

We do not believe it safe or ethical to desex a puppy until they are at least 6 months of age. for this reason desexing of the puppy is the responsibility of the new owner.

We do offer guardian homes, but only to close friends or relatives - but it is very rare.  


We get all our dogs genetically tested to we know we are not passing on any negative traits. because of this we do offer an in-house guarantee for any heredity illnesses for up to 1 years of age.  

Our dogs live in open land, no kennels, concrete or small yards. 

Want to know about our 
Ethics & Morals
Application for Cavoodles


From $3k

How long will pup be left alone
Have you ever raised a puppy before?

Thanks for submitting!

Application for Groodles: 
Available April 

from $3k

How long will the puppy be left alone?
Have you ever raised a puppy before?

Thanks for your application! We will be in contact ASAP

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