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Upfront payment of $1000* for up two visits. The fee is payable when first insemination happens. 



A copy of the stud's DNA report is available on request. We ask that the DNA report is not to be given to any other persons (even to puppy buyers). The DNA report may be sighted by the buyer when they come to visit your puppies as proof of sire. This is to avoid the misuse of our DNA report.



Please talk to your vet about risks involved with breeding and hereditary conditions. There are many risks involved in breeding your girl. Risks include emergency c-section, milk fever (Eclampsia), Pyometra and mastitis.  Puppies may not all survive due to various reasons, these are risks you need to be prepared for. Google is a great source for all of these conditions.  


A progesterone test at Day 5 after bleeding starts is also an ideal method to find out your girl’s optimum days of falling pregnant. You may need to then have one or two more tests until the vet sees a spike.  This is usually done by the vet for a cost of $65-$85 with same day results.  Avoid vets that do not give a same day result as you can miss her most fertile days while waiting for the results. The vet will advise you of the days to mate her. There are two scales that vets may use:

0 – level is not ready

8 – 11 – ovulation – optimum time to mate within 48 hours of ovulation

50 – or around 50 – cervix closes but a tie may still occur.


0 – level is not ready

15 – 20.5 – ovulation – optimum time to mate within 48 hours of ovulation

40 – 60 – cervix closes but a tie may still occur.


After ovulation, the eggs are viable for around 5 days. Sperm can live around 5-6 days in the female.  One tie or slip mating is enough for a pregnancy.  A second tie the day after or third day after ovulation is still within the fertile period.


Put simply, canine artificial insemination is the process by which sperm is collected manually from a stud dog and deposited in the female for fertilisation without the need for natural mating. There are countless reasons why artificial insemination might be suggested by us. Perhaps the female may display behavior or aggression problems , may be of a different size to the male, or have medical issues that make natural mating problematic. 


  • Decreased stress levels for both animals as there is no need to travel or experience trauma attributed to mating.


  • Breeders can use CAI to enhance the genetics of the kennel.


  • Allows for semen to be evaluated for fertility and possible abnormalities.

  • Prevents sexually transmitted diseases.​


The key to a successful pregnancy by any method of insemination relies upon timing. By determining progesterone levels, mating or artificial insemination can be advised closer to the true ovulation period. This is absolutely essential for chilled and frozen inseminations.


Contact us 0466 231 533 on Day 1 of your girl’s first day of bleed. We will work out the best day for her to be mated. Know the signs of ‘flagging’ and take your girl for a progesterone test to an experienced reproductive vet to see which are her most optimum days for mating. 


Please have your girl vet checked to ensure your girl is fit for breeding and has a good temperament. Have her checked for luxating patellas as this is a genetic condition that can be passed onto the pups, her heart, hips and eyes should also be checked. You may also wish to have DNA tested through Orivet for FULL BREED PROFILE.  Approx cost is $200. This is worth the expense and gives you and your puppy families peace of mind that they are getting a healthy puppy. She must be up to date with her vaccination and worming before visiting.

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