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The pricing of our puppies at Oodles of Groodles reflects the culmination of years of dedication to ethical breeding practices and the meticulous care we provide each canine companion. As a family-owned business led by a mother-daughter duo, with Katie overseeing communication and breeding, we prioritize quality over quantity, limiting our breeding numbers to ensure individualized attention and optimal well-being. Our commitment to excellence extends to following quality bloodlines, resulting in well-adjusted and healthy puppies. The pricing structure is a testament to the lifelong commitment we offer to both our puppies and their new owners, ensuring a seamless transition into loving homes.

Furthermore, our commitment to maintaining the highest standards extends to closely monitoring and aligning our practices with reputable breeders of similar caliber. We stay informed about the latest advancements in ethical breeding, ensuring that our puppies benefit from the best possible care and genetic considerations. It is crucial to note that our pricing structure is reflective of the quality, expertise, and responsible breeding that we uphold, setting us apart from backyard breeders commonly found on platforms like Gumtree. The assurance of a well-bred and healthy companion, along with a lifetime commitment to our clients, distinguishes our offerings in a manner that cannot be equated with those of less scrupulous breeding practices.

Cavoodles *from $3000

Theodores from $4000 With Pedigree Papers

Groodles from $4500

Rehome $500

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Rehome Opportunities

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