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Due to COVID19, we would ask that you do not consider collecting your puppy if you feel unwell or are experiecing flu like symptoms, instead, please make other arrangments for collection

Canine Parvovirus

What is Parvovirus? 

Parvo is a highly contagious virus. It causes an infectious gastrointestinal (GI) illness in puppies and young dogs, and it is deadly in puppies.

Parvo in dogs can be transmitted in three ways. The first is by direct contact with an infected dog, sniffing or licking any surface that has been contaminated or touched by an infected dog or transmitted by infected fece attached to the bottom of vaccinated/non vaccinated dogs feet or coat. it can also attach to humans feet, hands and clothes. Part of what makes the virus so dangerous is the ease with which it is spread through the canine population.

A vaccinated dog can still spread the virus! 

Visitation / Collection

Unfortunately, we have to close our home to visitors. the only time you will be able to visit our home is to collect your puppy - providing you already have a deposit on a puppy. When you do come to collect your pup, you will not be able to step foot on our property until your clothes and shoes have been decontaminated with F10 disinfectant. this takes 30 minutes. following that, you will only be able to meet/pet the puppy you have a deposit down on. 


Selection of your pup is by facetime only. 

Stop the risk of Invection of Parvo

We recommend puppy to be kept inside or on concreted/cleanable surfaces for their first week. if you wish to allow your puppy into your backyard and grassed areas, it can be a risk as as parvovirus can lay dominate in grass for up to 3 years in shaded areas. 

It is highly recommened that you be in consult with a vet in regards with when you can allow them outside. We also recommend investing in Pet Health Insurance. as their has been a huge outbreak up the east coast of Australia, allowing your pup outside in the public for even a moment is a risk. 


Our pups will received a full course of vaccinations prior to leaving our care as recommended by our vet. those will be received at 6 weeks. We are not animal health professionals and strongly advise any new owner to seek their own advise on how to further protect your new puppy, even though our pups recieve a full course of vaccine, it does not isure their protection and it would be dangerous for any new owner to take their puppy outside their home without vet consutation. 


Make sure you take the time to fill in a registration properly. We like to learn about you and where a puppy might be potentially going. if you do not take the time to fill it in and tell me those things, then you may not receive a return email or be placed on a waitlist. 

The 'about you' section is an opportunity for you to tell me about your home, your family, your lifestyle.  

We have criteria for where our puppies go, so if you are denied because of this, please do not take it personally, we have a preference for the homes we choose and that by no means is a reflection on you as a person.


We would like to take this opportunity to advise any person looking for a puppy in the current market to take a look at the below list of known active scammers, their websites and contact number. These scammers are very good, have very professional looking sites, however there are some ways to tell.


Here are some of the red flags i am aware of:

*If they have puppies available now - This should be the most often, as scammers rely on emotional purchases.

*The price is 'too good to be true'

*Their page has many grammatical errors and use broken english

*Their location is in remote locations in Australia like rural WA, TAS & NT. 

*The format for their page usually has a picture of a puppy, a name, a short bio, gender, price and then "Available now"


*Asking for a deposit based only on pictures alone: do not put money on a puppy you have not seen on multiple platforms, ie videos, pictures, facetime, live Instagram feeds, viewing in person.

*Their reviews are from people outside of Australia. 


*If the breeder is using their own delivery courier, and refer to it as "shipping".

*if they ask for insurance payment, or ask you to pay their courier, or pay by cash deposit.

*They require payment through PayPal "friends"


*They only communicate via Text or send messages through Facebook Messanger.

*The Pictures of their puppies have inconsistent backgrounds, toys, bedding etc.

REPORTED ** STILL ACTIVE **: (Pet Transport) (Pet Transport)

REPORTED & SHUT DOWN: (Pet Transport)

Classified Ads:

Adpost -

Username: Dav09201 - Dave Rose

Username: Gcheedavid - David Chee

Username: Perchyranel - Perchy Ranel

Gumtree -

Username: James aaayyy

Petsplease -

Username: lhart2000

Username: linash55

Username: Duke69

Petlink -

Username: Animallover98

Username: AlesiajL

Username: Dave1010 - David Adams

Username: Charnn2468


Username: JalvisKl

Phone numbers used by scammers:

0480 023 145

0480 023 154

0480 023 181

0480 023 522

0480 023 561

0480 023 709

0480 023 810

0480 048 439

0480 048 614

0480 053 047

0480 053 250

0480 053 360

0480 053 438

0480 053 443

0480 053 660

0480 053 709

0480 053 723

0480 053 734

0480 053 749

0488 874 046

0488 879 016

0488 879 118

0488 879 623

0488 890 320

0488 890 394

0488 890 705

0488 890 766

0488 890 798

0488 891 448

0488 891 515

0488 893 466

0488 894 563

0488 897 005

0488 897 139

0488 897 171

0488 897 178

**All numbers above are registered with Pivotel Satellite Pty Limited

0401 530 859

08 6102 0436

08 7468 9720

08 9467 5821

08 9468 9795

To check phone number:

Some emails used by scammers: - Arnold Brion - Charlotte & Sam Lopez - Faith Howarth - Ivy Asuncion - Matt Hickman - Michael Pymble - Xavier Stewart

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