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Choosing the Right Puppy

Thank you for considering our puppies! We take great care to ensure that they are healthy and well-prepared for their new homes. We also want to emphasize the importance of providing adequate attention and care for your new furry friend, especially for breeds like cavoodles need a lot of attention to remain emotionally balanced and do not thrive in isolation or when  left alone for long periods of time. please consider your working schedule and whether or not your have the ability to offer fulltime care.


If you're interested in applying for a puppy, please continue reading for more information on how to do so.


All our puppies are vet checked and come home with vaccination card, worming schedule, pre-collection flea/tick treated, first vaccination, 3 months pet insurance, genetic health guarantee, micro-chipped, a Handbook manual on how to train & raise your new puppy & a blanket with familiar smells will accompany your pup to help settle him into his new home.

 Additional puppy start up packs are available which include food samples, crates, puppy pens, wee pads, toys, collars, harnesses etc on site for purchase.

The Different Generations

In our professional opinion, we believe that F1, F1B, or Multi-Gen crosses are the most superior options,

 they tend to have a more consistent appearance and their adult features are easier to predict. As a result, we exclusively breed these three types of Groodles and Cavoodles. Our confidence in these specific hybrid varieties stems from their exceptional hybrid vigor qualities. This unique attribute not only contributes to their robust health but also enhances their overall vitality, making them outstanding choices for individuals seeking a companion with enduring energy and resilience.

F1's or First crosses, in particular, offer a distinct advantage by exhibiting a remarkable level of consistency in their appearance. This predictability extends to their adult features, making it easier for both breeders and future pet parents to anticipate the size, coat characteristics, and other essential traits.

By exclusively focusing on these three types of Groodles and Cavoodles, we aim to maintain the highest standards in our breeding practices. This selective approach allows us to fine-tune our breeding program, ensuring that each generation not only upholds the desirable traits of its predecessors but also introduces potential improvements. Our dedication to excellence in breeding guarantees that you will receive a companion that not only meets but surpasses your expectations in terms of health, temperament, and visual appeal.

What is a Multi-Gen Groodle? 

Our commitment to breeding excellence extends to the deliberate inclusion of Multi-Gen Groodles in our program, showcasing the pinnacle of our dedication to creating what is commonly referred to as a 'pure Groodle.' Multi-Gen, short for multigenerational, denotes a breeding approach that involves successive generations of carefully selected Groodles, ensuring a heightened level of consistency and predictability in both appearance and temperament.

The success we've achieved in crafting what we proudly call a 'pure Groodle' is a testament to the meticulous planning and expertise that underpins our breeding practices. By strategically pairing generations of well-chosen Groodles, we've been able to refine and enhance the breed's desirable traits while minimizing the presence of any undesired characteristics. This intentional approach has resulted in Groodles that not only embody the best qualities of their lineage but also exhibit a remarkable degree of uniformity, offering pet owners a more predictable and rewarding experience.

The Multi-Gen Groodles in our breeding program are meticulously selected for their outstanding health, temperament, and conformation to breed standards. Through thoughtful breeding choices, we've successfully cultivated a line of Groodles that represents the epitome of what a 'pure Groodle' should embody. These dogs exemplify the sought-after characteristics of the breed, such as a hypoallergenic coat, an amiable disposition, and a robust overall health profile.

Our success in creating 'pure Groodles' is not only a reflection of our dedication to breed standards but also an assurance to our clients that they are welcoming into their homes a pet that has been carefully bred to exemplify the best attributes of the Groodle breed. This achievement underscores our commitment to providing families with not just a pet but a loving companion that will bring joy, loyalty, and the quintessential Groodle experience into their lives.


A purebred dog is defined as one with a lineage of at least five generations of documented pedigree breeding. At our facility, we have meticulously developed a line of registered Cavoodles with the Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA), establishing a foundational stock poised to set a new standard for the breed. Our goal is to cultivate a pure Cavoodle breed that not only demonstrates consistent traits across litters but also boasts exceptional genetic health.

We are committed to crafting a distinguished breed standard, recognized for its outstanding qualities including exceptional trainability, extended lifespan, hypoallergenic fur, and deep loyalty to their human families. These characteristics ensure that our Cavoodles are not only charming companions but also fit well into a variety of family environments.

We are proud to be among the pioneers in Australia to achieve registration for our Cavoodles under the name Theodores. This milestone underscores our dedication to breeding excellence and our commitment to enhancing the genetic lineage and overall quality of the Cavoodle breed.

We are so proud to be part of this breed in development and our Theodore Cavoodles are sold with registered Pedigree Papers and are recognised as the exempletory example of both physical & genetic Cavoodles.

Coat Types 

When it comes to the Groodle's coat types, the fleece coat presents a soft, loose curl or a shaggy appearance, providing a delightful aesthetic. This coat variation is highly sought after for its luxurious feel and charming 'look.' If you are inclined towards a fleece coat, your ideal choices would be the F1 (first generation), F1B (backcross to the poodle), or Multi-Gen, with the latter being the closest option we have to achieving a 'Pure Groodle.' Both F1 and F1B crosses can produce the desired fleece coat, but it's noteworthy that an F1B is particularly unlikely to shed. Moreover, an F1B Groodle may exhibit a fleece coat, a wool coat, or a combination of both, offering a range of attractive possibilities.

On the other hand, the wool coat is characterized by a tight curl, more closely resembling the poodle's coat, and it is entirely non-shedding. This coat type is especially recommended for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to dog fur. The wool coat, while requiring more regular maintenance, is ideal for creative up-dos and offers a polished appearance.

Addressing the size considerations for Miniature Groodles with fleece coats, it's important to note that Groodles are naturally a large breed. To achieve a smaller size while retaining desirable traits, the breeding process involves multiple crosses back towards a toy or miniature poodle. However, when it comes to the fleece coat, it is a quality inherited from the golden retriever side. Achieving a miniature size with a fleece coat becomes nearly physically impossible due to these contrasting genetic factors. Consequently, Miniature Groodles from our breeding program will almost always be larger than expected as we aim to retain as much golden retriever characteristics as possible.

It is imperative to recognize that a Groodle weighing under 15 kilograms is prone to display limited golden retriever qualities unless you opt for a Multi-Gen Groodle. While we meticulously size down our Miniature Groodles to fulfill the demand for "small Groodles," achieving a toy-size Groodle with a fleece coat presents a formidable challenge. For individuals specifically in search of a diminutive canine companion with a fleece coat, we suggest exploring alternatives such as a cavoodle or another small breed oodle. This recommendation aligns with the reality of genetic traits, promoting a more grounded understanding and realistic expectations for prospective dog owners.

In contrast to the challenges of achieving a smaller Groodle with a fleece coat, our F1 Miniature Groodles represent a unique and appealing option for those seeking a delightful blend of golden retriever and poodle traits in a smaller package. While these F1 Miniature Groodles maintain a more pronounced presence of golden retriever characteristics compared to their smaller counterparts, it is important to note that they will inevitably surpass the 15-kilogram mark. This weight range is a natural outcome of preserving the integrity of both parent breeds, ensuring a harmonious fusion of the friendly, amiable nature of golden retrievers and the intelligence of poodles. The F1 Miniature Groodle offers a well-balanced compromise, delivering a manageable size while retaining the cherished qualities that make the Groodle a beloved and sought-after companion.

Our Sizes


- Standard: 

25 Kilos or more in weight

60cm or taller at wither 

- Medium: 

20 Kilos to 25 Kilos in weight. 

45cm to 60cm at wither

- Miniature - please read above about small groodle

16 Kilos to 20 Kilos

35cm to 45cm at wither

- Multi-gen Miniature:

10 Kilos to 16 Kilos

25cm to 45cm at wither


- Toy

10 Kilos or less

25cm or less at wither

- Miniature

10 kilos to 14 kilos in weight

25cm to 38cm at wither

- Medium 

14 kilos or more in weight

38cm or taller at wither

Morals & Values

Our Commitment to Ethics

At Oodles of Groodles, our ethical values are paramount in shaping our approach to breeding and the well-being of our beloved Oodles. We prioritize the health and happiness of our females, ensuring they reach maturity before having litters, and limiting the number of litters to a maximum of five or as few as one, dependent on the individual female's well-being. Once our females retire, they remain an integral part of our family, living out their lives on our family farm or finding loving homes for them. 

We actively promote the adoption of rescue dogs, acknowledging that a designer breed is not suitable for everyone. Our thorough screening process for potential owners is a deliberate tactic to prevent dogs from ending up on the streets, combating the issues associated with unethical breeding practices often found in rescue homes. 

We do not agree with back yard breeding of Groodles & Cavoodles. Backyard breeders often sell their dogs on platforms such as Gumtree & Dogs online. We are firm believers that back yard breeders present as a huge problem, not only are they risking the life of their dogs, they do not DNA test, do not understand selective breeding and do not have a deep understanding of generations, temperament and aesthetic genotypes, thus breeding undesirable puppies that end up in rescue homes or worse, all whilst packing them as 'family raised'. 

We hope that whilst our puppies are slightly more expensive than gumtree puppies, the value is evident. 

At Oodles of Groodles, our commitment extends beyond the point of sale. We insist on a signed contract from our new owners, incorporating clauses for the return of the puppy to us if circumstances change and the puppy cannot stay with them. We believe in the responsible desexing of puppies, advocating for the procedure to be undertaken by the new owner at a minimum age of 6 months.

Guardian homes are a rare exception, limited to close friends or relatives, further emphasizing the significance we place on the well-being and responsible care of our dogs. All our dogs undergo rigorous genetic testing to ensure the propagation of only positive traits. This commitment is reinforced by our in-house guarantee, providing coverage for hereditary illnesses for up to 1 year of age.

Our Oodles reside in open, spacious lands, devoid of kennels, concrete, or confined spaces. This environment reflects our dedication to providing our dogs with a natural and comfortable space where they can flourish.

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